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Tetacalc - Electric propulsion calculator

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What is Tetacalc:

Tetacalc can be seen as a "small UAV - RC planes, electrically powered, performance prediction tool". It's the main goal. But it's also a tool for further experiments on the design, and especialy the propulsion system, of small electric aircrafts.

As far as I know, it's the only software that uses propeller data from wind tunnel tests. I started with experiments in my homemade wind tunnel, but now I've added in the database many propellers tested by the "low Reynolds team" at the University of Illinois (see here: UIUC propeller database).

Tetacalc also simulates the other parts of the propulsion system: motor, batteries (ESC are seen as a part of any brushless motor).

The motors are "deduced" from series of voltage, current and rpm measurements. Right now, when knowing voltage and rpm of the test's data, the model used to predict the motor's behavior find the current with an average error of 1.66 %, and a average maximal error of 4.85 %. If the test data are good, the accuracy can be very, very, very good...

Tetacalc converts propeller data into volts, amperes, rpm, flight speed, rate of climb, range, etc.



How to create an aircraft

How to choose a motor

How to choose a propeller

How to simulate batteries

How to set air density

How to add a motor to the database

Propeller tests at different rpm? why?



Don't hesitate to post a comment if you have difficulties to make Tetacalc work ! or if you have any suggestion !




See here ! 




See here ! 




See here ! 



Tetacalc 2.06

- some minor improvements.




Tetacalc 2.05

- some improvements.




New version, Tetacalc 2.04.

With :

- a new electric motor model,

- more motors in the database,

- some improvements and corrections.








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